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Fukui Prefectural Pottery Museum

Built in a godown style, the Fukui Prefectural Pottery Museum, constituting the center of the village, displays many works of pottery from the Old Echizen style to the contemporary Echizen style. The museum is also equipped with a workshop to offer visitors a course in pottery, providing them with an experience of making their own Echizen pottery pieces. In addition, the museum has a teahouse named "Chaen" attached to it, where you can enjoy the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, actually touching Echizen ware. To sum up, the museum is complete with the three essential elements required for appreciation of Echizen pottery - "See, Make and Touch".
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Teahouse "Chaen"

Adjacent to the main hall of the museum across a gate roofed with cypress bark shingles, followed by a passage in a traditional Japanese dry landscape garden, is a teahouse named "Chaen", where you can actually use a tea bowl of Echizen pottery to appreciate the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. (Powdered green tea preparing service fee: 300yen per person)