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Pottery making experience

The Fukui Prefectural Pottery Museum is equipped with a workshop providing you with an experience of making your own Echizen pottery pieces. We recommend that you challenge yourself to create your own Echizen pottery piece! (Reservation required for participation in any of the courses)

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To apply for any of the above courses or further information, contact Fukui Prefectural Pottery Museum

Experience Contents
Hand making experience 1,500yen including 1kg clay
Acceptance time 9:00-15:00
Painting experience 600yen for free cup / 900yen for rice bowl / 700yen for plate ...
Other options also available
Acceptance time 9:00-16:00
Electric potter's wheel experience 3,000yen for 1-person (30 minutes)
Acceptance time 9:00-15:00

Bamboo shoot digging,
cooking and eating experience

Known for their high quality, "Hirono","Kadanji","Kashizu" area's bamboo shoots are sweet in taste with little harshness, becoming delicacies for the table in spring. The town organizes a tour of bamboo shoot digging to provide many of you with an experience to dig and eat such delicious bamboo shoots as schedule below. It would be a great experience for you to participate in this tour.

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Omoidena   TEL.0778-32-3545

Period April 29, May 3-5 / 10:00AM
Participation fee 3,000yen per person


Echizen Pottery Festival

The town organizes its annual event "Echizen Pottery Festival" in May on its last Suturday, Sunday and Monday, attracting approximately 100,000 tourists from inside and outside the prefecture.

The festival features a ceramic ware fair which is very popular every year because it offers Echizen ware articles at prices lower than their market prices. It also prevents various other events such as a bazaar for sale of the town's special products, local performing art performance, musical entertainment and tea party serving tea in a traditional Japanese ceremonial manner.


秋季茶会と陶器フェスタ Echizen Pottery Village
Autumn Festival and Tea Ceremony

On the first Sunday of October every year, the Echizen pottery village holds an "Tea Ceremony" as its annual event, serving tea to visitors using Echizen ware in a traditional Japanese ceremonial manner under an open-air environment. An autumn pottery festival is also held at the same time.