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そば処 点心庵・洗心亭 Soba restaurant Daikon-ya
(located in the pottery village)

This restaurant features handmade buckwheat vermicelli "Echizen oroshi soba" characterized by its soup containing grated radish.

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焼肉・お料理 竹扇 Grillroom Chikusen

This grillroom is worth visiting because it not only serves delicious dishes, but also it is close to the potters' village. It also features noodles especially one named "Fruit noodle" (only served in summer) that you should try once.

[ For any information,contact ] TEL.0778-32-2738
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江雲堂 Confectionery Koundo

Popular handmade cake (Koechizen, Togaichimi). There is many original excellent cake.

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雪んこ餅 Confectionery Yukinkomochi

This confectionery features "mochi" (rice cake) made from glutinous rice produced in Echizen Town (Tancho rice) by pounding it with a pestle. The rice cake is popular both inside and outside the prefecture.

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おもいでな Omoidena
(Direct sales store, such as an agriculture-and-forestry product)

Sale,Handmade vegetables and such as a handicraft.

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