Echizen Pottery Village
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This rare village is surrounded by a hill featuring natural gardens so beautiful in their scenery changes from season to season as to make one refer to it as an "Earthly Paradise". In addition, the village is so rich in underground resources of pottery clay and stone that it has traditionally enjoyed prosperity in pottery as the "Old Echizen (present-day Fukui Prefecture) Kiln", one of the six oldest kilns in Japan.

陶芸村の風景 陶芸村の風景 陶芸村の風景


In the town and its surrounding areas, there are many houses with gable roofs designed to provide against heavy snow in the winter season, also featuring their beautifully contrasted white walls and black pillars to create a unique landscape well blended into their surrounding environment.

切り妻屋根集落 雪国を考えた切り妻屋根


"Sankinko" is the meaning as a jar with three horizontal stripes on its surface. It is one of the oldest Echizen baking and was created in the late years of the Heian Period (794-1185). It was found from a remains of Kamichosa old kiln in Echizen-cho Ozohara.